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Fallout Guns by JediArtisan
Fallout Guns
[Disclaimer]: Tracing of game assets used in making this. Background also uses game assets.

[Flavor Text]
Top left; The Laser Sniper Rifle was used sporadically during the Great War. While it has good damage and is extremely accurate, the bright, sustained laser beam it fires had a tendency to give away the operator's position. As a result it was significantly less desired over the standard ballistic rifles.
Top right; The Guass pistol was developed by Brotherhood of Steel scribes out of a desire to have a weapon with the power of a Gauss Rifle but in a more compact form.  While it is quite powerful for a hand gun, the extreme recoil has a tendency to reduce accurate with sustained fire. 

Next row from left to right; The 10mm Submachinegun Advanced is modified version of the standard 10mm submachinegun. It was primarily used by S.W.A.T and some special forces units prier to the apocalypse. It is significantly more accurate than the standard 10mm submachinegun and has a slightly longer range.  Next is the Heavily Moddified 12.5mm Submachine gun. In addition to the laser sight and suppressor, this variant also boasts an underside feed ammo clip as apposed to the slandered top feed ammo clip.  This model was rarely used by any military branches but was sometime used by privet collectors and paramilitary groups. Next is the Submachinegun Variant Chinese Pistol.  This modification to the standard issue Chinese sidearm was primarily used by Chinese paratroopers and certain officers.  While in full auto its accuracy is greatly reduced, it rate of fire is extreme.  This gun is a very rare sight in the American wasteland but a lucky scavenger could presumably find one in the confiscated material are of a former American Army base.

Next row from left to right; The Compact American Assault Rifle is simply a standard assault rifle with a shorter barrel, not stock, and a drum magazine.  This model was not used by the American military but was highly favored by mercenary groups.  Next is the Bullpup American Assault rifle.  As the name suggests, this was a modification to the standard issue assault rifle to turn it into a bullpup rifle.  It is more compact without having to shorten the barrel.  Was sometimes used by special forces groups but was more often seen in the hands of private collectors rather than with any actual military groups.

 Next row; The Rifle Modded Revolver is a somewhat rare sight in the wasteland. It is hard to make functionally from existing material and most places with the proper gun manufacturing facilities such as the Crimson Caravan or the Gun Runners prefer to make more powerful rifles.  This unique weapon is often used by settlers and caravan guards, primarily around the Nevada and New California regions of the wasteland.

Lastly is the Gun-Spear. This strange instrument is a composite weapon made from strapping a riot shotgun to a spear. (duh!) It is a custom-built weapon in the same vain as the Railway Rifle, Rock-It Launcher, and the Shishkebab. While rather unwieldy to use, it close combat weapon capable of dealing extreme damage when properly used.

So yeah. These are my ideas for possible weapons that could fit in the Fallout universe.  A lot of these are actually gun I'd wish to see in the game and maybe even use. I actually got the idea for the Gun-Spear from while watching a playthrough of Bloodborne (specifically from the Riflespear weapon in the game)
Fallout Characters by JediArtisan
Fallout Characters
[Disclaimer]: I used a rather significant amount of tracing to make this. I am severely out of practice with drawing and I wanted to get a decent look.  I was much more concerned with designing characters and equipment rather than creating "art". I used numerous images from the games I got off the wiki as bases, and of course the background is a screen shot out of Fallout:New Vegas, so as such all due credit to Bethsda/Obsidian.

Okay, now that that's all out of the way. I just got finished Re-playing Fallout:New Vegas and binge watching Fallout lore on Youtube. So of course, I wanted to create some stuff fallout related. The end result are these weapons and characters.

The main character, the one on the left, is "The Engineer". He is a decedent of the people from Vault 53, which was designed to suffer from constant, though repairable, breakdowns of equipment.  The intent was to put additional stress on the vault inhabitants and see how they would react. In order to cope, everyone in the vault became rather adept at repairing technology. So when the vault finally opened, the vault dwellers were able to establish a community that sold it's ability to repair tech for the surrounding settlements.  The Engineer is of course quite adept at both repairing old world technology and creating new gear.

Next we have Eye-Doc, the prototype medical Eye-Bot.  The Engineer found it/him while he was scavenging through an old abandoned Enclave base.  The little guy was still in pretty good shape and only needed minimal repairs to get up and running. Now he travels with The Engineer providing medical aid and back up when possible with his trusty Laser.

Bellow Eye-Doc we have Speedy, The Engineer's pet gecko.  He got the little guy off an animal dealer when he was just a hatchling.  He is a mutated crested gecko and is able to spray a semi corrosive acid at enemies. He's loyal and surprisingly handy in a fight but he can be easily distracted and a tad lazy at times.

Lastly we have Hunk the Super Mutant. He's a fist generation Super Mutant which means he was created by and served The Master. Of course when The Master was defeated by The Vaultdweller, he was left to wonder.  He retained all of his intelligence from when he was human and actually managed to hold onto a few of his memories. He's actually quite gentle as far as Super Mutants go, prefering to read old world literature when he can. He's also surprisingly good with computers although he has to use sticks to press the buttons now.

Onto the weapons.  At the top we have the rail gun. It was a modification of the basic gauss-rifle. It is more energy efficient, allowing three shots over the single shot of the gauss-riffle, but is slightly less powerful as a result. Production of the railgun was halted before they could see combat use do to the bombs falling in 2077.  Next in line is The Engineer's grenade launcher "Nader". It's pretty much your standard grenade rifle with a few tweaks made to it by The Engineer. Below that is the Laser Assault Rifle.  Built to replace the Laser RCW on the battlefield, it bosts the same fire rate as the Laser RCW but with a bit more punch to it. One major drawback is that the high rate of fire and power result in it breaking down much more often than your average energy weapon.  Next we have the composite shotgun, a creation of The Engineer. As the name implies, it made from the pieces of several other shotguns.  Below that is the Plasma Magnum. It is an extremely powerful directed energy hand gun created by the Enclave. The Engineer found it in the same facility where he found Eye-Doc. Lastly we have "the Zapper", an electrified machete/sword created by The Engineer.

I haz a Tumblr now

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 13, 2013, 9:45 AM

Yep that's right. I finally caved and got myself a tumblr page set up. There really isn't much to it. Mostly just post stuff that interests me as well as a few pics of mine. As of yet, there isn't any of my work there that isn't here, of course that could all change should I ever decided to start doing artwork that isn't appropriate for DA. So yeah, go check it out if you like

My little brother's page --> :iconsmoofdog:


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